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Makartt Nail Dehydrator and Nail Primer Bonder for Nail Prepping, Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Gel Nail Polish

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Quantity: 2 Pieces

Origin: CN(Origin)

NET WT: Nail Primer

Model Number: C0701

Item Type: Multi-Use Top & Base Coat

Ingredient: Nail Dehydrator


About the products

The BASIS OF A NAIL ART: Nail prepping is the most important step in all nail art design. Nail dehydrator and nail primer helps for you to do a easy, clean, beautiful, charming, durable and long lasting nail art design. NAIL DEHYDRATOR. Work to remove or clean any nail dust, natural oil or fat and some other bateria on your natural nail plate, so that the nail gel bonds the nail surface better and stronger. NAIL PRIMER. Strengthens the bonding between your natural nails and the nail gel ; Avoids any dirt, air, or water seeping in the gap between your natural nails and gel nail, thus avoids bacterial growth.; Prevents nail gel lifting, breaking, or peeling off.; Protects natural nails; Makes the color gel more lasting. HOW-TO :Remove cuticle, shape your nails, file and buff your natural nail plate, clean the dust; and apply a thin layer of nail dehydrator to remove the oil and water on your nails; then. Nail primer for a better adhesion for your natural nails and the nail gel product you apply. PRACTICAL APPLICATION. Nail dehydrator can be used in all nail art, and nail primer works in various gel nail art deisgn like gel nail polish, builder nail gel, hard gel, poly nail extension gel, poly building uv gel and other uv led nail gel.

Makartt Nail Dehydrator and Primer Kit P-123

Package includes: 15ML* Nail dehydrator 15ML* Nail Primer 1* Instruction Book Application Steps for your nail prepping: 1. Remove the cuticle, file and buff the nail plate 2.Apply a thin layer of nail dehydrator, air dry for 2-4 seconds 3.Apply a thin layer of nail primer, air dry for 20 seconds 4. Apply a thin layer of base coat, cure it by nail lamp, and then apply any nail gel product you want. Some warm tips. 1.Both the dehydrator and primer are volatile, so please seal it tightly every time after you use it 2.Please don’t get your nose too close to the bottle to smell it. 3.Please allow that the nail primer has a slight smell. (the product has been updated and the smell is much lighter than other siimilar products.)


Nail dehydrator: can be used in all kinds of nail art design

Nail Primer:

gel nail polish poly nail extension gel builder nail gel other nail gel products


Not for acrylic powder nails.

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